Damian Mark Whittle

Art Room: Retrospective Jan – Mar 2015

For this blog, I’m taking a look back at the digital art I’ve created so for this year. The majority of these pieces were made using photographs taken with a Samsung compact camera and using Paint software. Running themes I have chosen to explore have been different ways of seeing  – particularly the viewpoint of an alien – and the meeting of the organic with the abstract. The work also reflects a movement away from one type of terrain to another, from the outskirts and wasteland of the city to new places entirely.

I hope you enjoy this collection.


Branch Triangle

Nature Triangle

This was designed both as a piece of art in its own right, and as an image for a t-shirt.

You can change surroundings

You Can Change Surroundings

Let's Play

Let’s Play

This Will Be A Change

This Will Be A Change

The Spaceman Ascends

The Spaceman Ascends

Entering the Void

Entering the Void




Avatar (Bone Face)

An avatar created both for this blog and its accompanying Facebook page which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/Optical21?fref=ts

The Intruder

The Intruder


Reality Tunnel

The Tower

The Tower

Waiting for Spring

Waiting For Spring

The Eye Opening in the Wood

The Eyes Opening in the Wood

Colour Machine

Colour Machine

The Window

The Window

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2 thoughts on “Art Room: Retrospective Jan – Mar 2015

  1. Damian, your work is really interesting. I like “Entering the Void.” Excellent negative space, and great perspective. In your lines / blocks there’s Wright. “Travelling” has fantastic colors. I also like the possibilities available with gray. And it seems to tilt just enough to the left to start a sense of vertigo. My favorite is “The Spaceman Ascends.” The text is excellent. We should trade work. I’m right now making super-cool “foldable wall pieces” that come in a 9 x 12 mailer and unfold to 46 x 34. – JM.

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